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Maxell Mini-DV Cassette
Since their creation in Japan in 1961, Hitachi Maxell has earned a 
deserved world-wide reputation as a provider of quality products and services.

Mini DV cassettes are a newly developed, extremely efficient digital cassette for digital camcorders. 
They have almost seven times the recording density of a VHS tape and is the most popular digital camcorder format at the moment.

High picture quality: Uses newly developed multipuretron vapour-deposited film, yielding 
recording density approximately 6.7 times that of conventional VHS tape, for high-quality images and sound.

Durability: The vapour-deposited recording surface is protected by a diamond like 
carbon lattice to maintain recording quality under repetitive use.
Sealed dustproof structure: Compact palmtop body, made from a static-resistant resin, has a sealed dustproof structure.

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