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17.99 ea.

Samsung SH-S203P 20x DVD Writer - (SATA)
(With Lightscribe)

Samsung's SH-S203P Super-WriteMaster DVD writer offers powerful overspeed support,
 low noise and vibration control system for high speed and optimised for fast writing speeds.
Supports LightScribe, the innovative disc-labeling system that gives CDs and DVDs a neat, 
professional look without ink, pens, or paper labels. With LightScribe, you simply burn your data, 
flip the disc over, and burn a precise, silkscreen-like label directly onto your LightScribe CD or DVD.

Please Note: This writer requires an available SATA connection, not the standard IDE (PATA).
Write Speed: - DVD-R: 20x, DVD-RW: 6x, DVD-R DL: 12x, DVD+R: 20x
DVD+RW: 8x, DVD+R DL: 16x, DVD-RAM: 12x - CD-R: 48x, CD-RW: 32x
Read Speed: DVD-ROM: 16x, CD-ROM: 48x - Access Time: DVD: 130ms, CD: 110ms
Data Buffer: 2MB (Write, Read) - Dimensions (W x H x D): 148.2 x 42 x 170mm

Qty: Beige Samsung SH-S203P(s)  


1.99 ea.

Optical 3 button Scroll Mouse - wired PS2 (not USB.)

No balls to get dirty or ever need cleaning again, no need for a mouse mat.

The Sweex Optical Scroll Mouse features a standard PS/2 connection for a desktop or laptop.
Just connect this mouse to your computer and off you go. (win 98se, 2000 & XP)

Qty: Black Optical Mouse   

Qty: White Optical Mouse  


16.99 ea.

Emtec 8GB USB2.0 Flash Drive

Completely plug & play - just connect to a free USB port. No installation required.
Data Transfer Speeds (maximum):
- Read: 12MB/sec*
- Write: 4.5MB/sec*
Dimensions: 56 x 13 x 9mm (approx)

Supported Operating Systems: - - Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
- Mac OS 9 or higher - - Linux 2.4 or higher

Model Numbers: - - 8GB (Black): EKMMD8GC150B

Qty: Emtec 8G Flash memory Pen(s)  


from 2.99 ea.

Datawrite cd/dvd carry cases

Black Leather effect - limited numbers available...

Qty: 240 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 2.99 ea.

Qty: 400 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 4.99 ea.

Qty: 500 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 5.99 ea.


 from 1.99 ea.

AMPS cd/dvd carry cases

Black cloth with blue piping - limited numbers available...

Qty: 24 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 1.49 ea.

Qty: 48 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 1.99 ea.

Qty: 120 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 2.99 ea.

Qty: 500 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 5.99 ea.

Qty: 800 disc cd/dvd carry case(s) @ 9.99 ea.


69p ea.

Phono Coupler - Socket to Socket

A quality gold plated coupler.
Allows two RCA phono cables to be coupled together.
Ideal for making longer cable runs.
Or use to change a phono male (plug) end into a female (socket) end.

Qty: Phono Coupler(s)  


75p ea.

Battery Adaptors (size changers) (Batteries not included.)

These adaptors convert an AA battery into either 'C' or 'D'  Battery.
 No need to keep various sizes - just AA.

Perfect for Ni-Cd or Ni-MH AA batteries with a fast charger (see Rechargeable Batteries.)

Qty: AA to 'C' adaptor(s)  

Qty: AA to 'D' adaptor(s)  




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